A range of automation and traffic control equipment are provided by Inter Telecom Systems . The traffic control equipment include bollards, boom gates, barrier arms, crowd control posts, traffic control posts and various other access control equipment.

Boom gates and barrier arms from Inter Telecom Systems are incorporated with the power of hydraulics, these products are light and can be operated easily. Inter Telecom Systems provides a variety of boom gates and barrier arms like FADINI BAYT 980, FADINI BARRI 88 and ACDC BG series boom gate.

The bollards are fully automated, electro hydraulic, which are made of stainless steel. These bollards are also core enamored and can withstand impacts of even 2 tonne at 80kph.

Inter Telecom Systems supplies a range of window automation products which help customers to control the outside view with the touch of a finger. Window automation equipment from Inter Telecom Systems are fitted with radio control, bus control systems and are available in various standards and communication languages.

Some of the common window automation products from Inter Telecom Systems include linear actuators, chain winders, rack drives, shutter automation, pivoted windows, manual handles, topp chain actuators and window automation accessories.

Manual handles are suited for skywindows and domes while shutter automation products are suited for window shutters and small doors.