The 99 Series exit devices are a contemporary range of push pads designed to suit heavy commercial single and double door applications from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies .

The 99 Series exit devices can be use on timber aluminium or hollow metal hinged doors. They are available in rim, surface mounted vertical rod and concealed vertical rod devices.

The exit devices' rim device has deadlocking latchbolt with a 19mm throw while the vertical rod device has deadlocking anti-friction latchbolts with a 16mm throw.

Furnished on all 99 Series exit devices is a fluid dampener that decelerates the push pad on its return stroke and eliminates most noise associated with exit device operation.

The exit devices are available in 914mm and 1229mm lengths to suit a range of door openings while a vertical rod device suitable for doors up to 3050mm high are available when fitted with extension rods.