Independent Floors  provide quality flooring using vinyl, tiles and floating floors. Currently vinyl flooring has become popular with its wide range of new products. Vinyl flooring is more stylish and hardwearing, yet cost effective. It is ideal for bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Vinyl’s have a layer of cushioning and can be recreated in designs which mirror slate, tiles and floorboards for a fraction of the price. Vinyl is scratch resistant, stain resistant, traffic resistant, scuff resistant, and they are easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Independent Floors provide floating floors ideal for residential application with its stylish and versatile look. Floating floors are easy to clean. There are floating floors e variety of floating floors available for customers to choose from. The different types include floating timber floors ideal for any residential application. These floating floors can be fixed over the existing concrete floors. Independent Floors provides a wide range of timber floors.

Independent Floors also provide tiles as an option for flooring. Tiles are ideal for residential application. They look elegant, and it is easy to clean. Tiles can be used for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and even all over the house. There are different types of tiles available at Independent Floors, where customers can select from marble, terracotta, ceramic etc.