Independent Cement and Lime supplied various cement blends to the Peninsula Link Freeway project, a 27km freeway connecting the south end of EastLink to the north end of the Mornington Peninsula Freeway. This crucial link provides nearly 100km of motorway with no traffic lights from Collingwood to Rosebud.

The freeway, which opened in January 2013, has since slashed travel times for commuters by up to 40 minutes at peak times.

Independent Cement and Lime, through their client Downer EDI contributed significantly to this development by supplying 3,300 Tonne of Ecoblend cement 65/25/10 (cement, slag, fly ash); 500 Tonne of Roadmaker 334 (30% cement, 30% slag, 40% lime); and 700 Tonne of Roadmaker 262 (20% cement, 60% slag, 20% lime).

ICL’s cement blends were used to generally reduce the moisture susceptibility of the soil, giving enhanced volume and strength stability under variable moisture conditions. The blended cements also helped develop the interparticle bonds in the host material, adding tensile strength and high elastic modulus to the material.