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    Automatic stainless steel retractable bollards from Image Bollards

    Image Bollards

    Image Bollards presents a range of automatic stainless steel retractable bollards designed to control access to worksites requiring a high level of security.

    Manufactured from stainless steel or steel, the automatic retractable bollards block entry to road traffic while allowing pedestrian access.

    These bollards offer high impact strength and are available in heights of 600mm or 750mm.

    Key features of automatic stainless steel retractable bollards:

    • Stainless steel or steel construction with painted or powder-coated finish   
    • Automatic pneumatic control 
    • Very high impact strength   
    • Height above ground: 600/750mm   
    • Optional LED lights in different colours and glistening film 
    • Control box includes pneumatic pumps, electronic board and pipes 
    • Single control box can control 1-3 bollards   
    Specifications of Model DBO 168/220/275P4:
    • Operation mode: Pneumatic 
    • Material: Stainless steel 
    • Diameter: 168/220/275mm 
    • Height:  600/750mm 
    • Surface treatment: Polishing 
    • Operating time: 3~5s (adjustable) 
    • Working voltage: AC 220V 
    • Air hose accessory: 10m 
    • Control box: DBO-CP11: Controls 1 bollard, DBO-CP12: Controls 2 bollards, DBO-CP13: Controls 3 bollards 
    • Reflective tape: 5cm 
    • Reflective tape colour: Operational 
    • LED Colour: Operational

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