The portable and panel manufactured buildings from IFCO H1RE are stated to strictly adhere to the requirements prescribed by the Building Code of Australia and comply with Australian Standards.

The products available in this category from IFCO H1RE include multi purpose units, office complexes, classrooms, lunchrooms, toilets and change rooms. The multi purpose units from IFCO H1RE come as open plan units in different dimensions, suitable to house one to six persons.

Office complexes from IFCO H1RE again, come in open plan units suitable for seating four to sixteen persons.

Classrooms supplied by IFCO H1RE, come in different dimensions and suitable for class size of twenty five to fifty.

IFCO H1RE supplies panel manufactured lunchrooms in a range of dimensions, suitable for seating five to thirty persons.

Toilets from IFCO H1RE are also supplied in different dimensions and suitable for various requirements, from small scale use by one to five persons to large scale use by fifty to seventy six people.

IFCO H1RE also supplies panel manufactured change rooms in ranges suited for use by twenty to forty people.