IDT - Image Design Technology  have released the Roku BrightSign solid state media players to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The solid state media players are critical components of today’s media rich display environments where reliable 24/7 playback is essential to ensure the message is always on show. The two models being released in Australia are the HD600 and HD2000.

The BrightSign products are non-PC (no Windows), solid-state media players with no moving parts and low power consumption that support standard and high-definition video, photos, music and interactivity.

They deliver enhanced video quality with simplicity and reliability to high-impact displays, making them the ideal solution for in-store point-of-purchase displays, museum exhibits, digital signs and interactive kiosks.

Unlike other flash players, BrightSign products employ high quality video decoder and a professional-quality scaler to provide enhanced video quality to mainstream displays.

The BrightSign HD600 and HD2000 solid state media players deliver high-quality video, photos and music for any digital sign application.

The BrightSign HD600 solid state media player is designed for simplicity and economy by easily and reliably playing back looping video or still image slide shows with or without audio reinforcement.

The BrightSign HD600 solid state media player also supports component outputs in addition to VGA. The HD600 supports MPEG 1 and 2 and decodes standard MPEG2 files up to D1 resolution in real time, and scales video to a standard-definition or high-definition output resolutions.

The BrightSign HD2000 solid state media player delivers all of the features of the HD600 and adds a broad range of output formats including high-definition MPEG video decodes up to 1080i, for high-impact displays.

The BrightSign HD2000 also includes network connectivity for remote upgrade of content and two way communications through internet.

Both models support high definition frame buffer modes for still graphics, multiple audio channels, and supports touch screen interactivity control through USB or serial.

Easy to use
Designed for simplicity, BrightSign is easy to implement and maintain without an IT department. Simply insert a removable SD card, Compact Flash card or USB Flash Drive, to display looping playback of high-definition video, image and audio content using playlists created in notepad or MS Word.

And for maximum flexibility, an easy scripting language called BrightScript is available to create remarkable custom solutions.

Highly reliable
BrightSign offers high reliability due to its new design, and was created specifically to run interactive digital signs. It has no moving parts, no complicated operating systems and green power consumption at less than 12W.

BrightSign’s rugged steel enclosure easily mounts to walls, shelves, cabinets, or racks. Forget about working with complicated PCs or low-quality DVD or flash players.