Ideal Rayson  distribute wind tunnels. This wind tunnel has a total length averaging to about eight metres and manufactured by Fantech. Wind tunnels from Ideal Rayson have been specifically developed for accurate analysis of fluid flow and air around objects. This tunnel is also capable of determining fire behaviour over the landforms. These wind tunnels have been manufactured in accordance with international standards.

Wind tunnels from Ideal Rayson can also detect spreading of SARS virus. These tunnels, by analysing the flow of fluids and air, are capable of designing aerodynamically efficient vehicles. Wind tunnels from Ideal Rayson can also be used for designing sport stadiums and other types of equipment. These tunnels have been specifically designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions. Wind tunnels have been designed by the combined efforts of University of Canberra staff, CSIRO scientists, college teachers, students and ACT Education Department. The design of wind tunnel project has enabled to create an innovative education and training system.