Hypertech Security  has an extensive range of access control systems like sensors, detectors, and control and communications systems. Hypertech Security provides access control for any area requested by customers.

These access control systems from Hypertech Security are ideal to monitor every movement of staff and customers for security and safety. Hypertech Security designs fully integrated access control systems with electronic functions, including air-conditioning and lighting. With a Controlled Access Systems customers can restrict unwanted access. It is ideal for offices, factories, residential flats etc.

Access control systems can be designed with either single or multiple door applications with an ability to track timed events and monitor staff movements from department to department. These access control systems are designed with biometric access readers, code, card, access control processing systems, a telephone entry system, turnstiles, electromagnetic locks, badging systems and electric strikes.

Hypertech Security provides effective service with professional installation staff members who are trained with the latest technology. Hypertech Security also provides 24 hours friendly service, in case of physical damage to the system. Hypertech Security designs effective security systems tailor-made to the unique specifications of each customer.