Sooner or later anyone refurbishing an old office or building a new home has to consider a suitable heating system that is not just energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but also value for money and easy to maintain.

When taking efficiency into consideration and assessing alternatives, condensing technology is one of these options.

Condensing technology offers an effective solution to heating needs for a financially sustainable low and clean energy future.

If the solution to the problem of climate change is sustainability, then the solution itself must also be sustainable, which is why condensing boilers in heating systems should be specified wherever possible.

Condensing technology is more sustainable than other forms of heating as condensing boilers offer the following tangible benefits:

  • Reduction CO and NOx emissions and helping to combat climate change 
  • Improving building heating efficiency thus reducing fuel bills with large savings
New to the Australian market, condensing technology is well tested, with generally excellent fault diagnosis facilities, and is easy to install.

Baxi condensing boilers from Hydroheat Supplies are also relatively cheap to buy and due to their modular approach can be sited virtually anywhere.

Through the condensing technology money will be released for more energy saving and carbon cutting measures to be taken.