Baxi condensing boilers from Hydroheat Supplies are based on a proven technology that delivers several environmental, energy saving and operational benefits.
Condensing technology is recommended for heating systems for its ability to deliver a sustainable solution in terms of low cost operation, energy efficiency, easy installation and simple maintenance.
Anyone refurbishing an old office or building a new home has to consider a suitable heating system. Condensing boilers need to be specified for these heating systems for their ability to offer tangible benefits.
Key benefits of condensing boilers:
  • Reduces CO and NOx emissions to combat climate change
  • Improves building heating efficiency to reduce fuel bills with large savings
  • Increases NABERS rating
  • Proven technology with excellent fault diagnosis facilities
  • Simple installation
The modular design of Baxi condensing boilers allows the unit to be sited virtually anywhere. The economical solution also makes it ideal for the changeover market.