HyChem International presents their range of effluent systems and products that are ideal for bunds, pits, ponds and drains. There product range is suited for environments with constant moisture, aggressive chemicals, traffic patterns and conditions that would normally cause damage to untreated or unprotected surfaces.

HyChem International offers high performance epoxy grouts, concrete repair mortars, join sealants, waterproofing membranes, anti-corrosive protection, concrete sealers, as well as coatings and heavy duty floor toppings to help repair, seal or protect new and old floors, wall surfaces and movement joints.

HyChem’s products can be used for chemical storage areas, bunded areas, drain and grease traps, water feature and pool areas, washdown areas, tank farms, toilets, and also plant rooms and service corridors.

HyChem’s product ranges are durable, fully sealed, anti-slip and safe, anti-corrosive, and waterproof even in heavy traffic areas and for permanent emersion.

The range can be used for resurfacing old, corroded or dangerous surfaces, providing seamless flooring finishes and installing abrasive resistant systems that can come with heavy traffic and the harshest Australian environments.

HyChem International range of products for bunds, pits, ponds and drains are quality endorsed to Standards Australia ISO9002 QEC6279.