Vetérro™ is the latest high-density fibre cement product from HVG Facades. Vetérro speaks to the beautiful way concrete panels develop a warm, unique character over time. Elevate your project with Vetérro and experience the enduring beauty of high-density fibre cement.

Redefining the landscape of architectural cladding

Vetérro stands out with its striking beauty, providing an alluring and durable construction material that surpasses traditional painted cement finishes. Ideal for various exterior facade designs, Vetérro through-coloured panels combine aesthetics and resilience to elevate the visual appeal of any structure. Designers appreciate that the through-coloured panels of Vetérro guarantee a consistently coloured core, facilitating seamless integration and enabling precise edging and cut-outs for creating distinctive facade designs.

Vetérro’s versatility as a material continues with its ability to be effortlessly incorporated with timber, masonry, and aluminium, ideal for residential and commercial buildings. Crafted in Europe, Vetérro high-density fibre cement panels have a rich backstory of European excellence and designer detail.

Vetérro stands as a premium facade solution, ensuring peace of mind as it is deemed non-combustible, and it includes fire-safe compliance. It adheres to stringent safety standards while achieving a distinctive and contemporary design. Backed by European-supplied EPD, Vetérro boasts sustainable and eco-friendly attributes, requiring minimal maintenance and providing exceptional durability and scratch resistance. Its high-impact resistance, noise reduction, and thermal properties are further complemented by a 10-year warranty.

Whether you need facade products for new projects or recladding applications, Vetérro is the ideal choice for internal and external fibre cement wall cladding. Suitable for aged care, healthcare, government, education, commercial, and residential projects, its versatility knows no bounds.

Vetérro is now available nationwide through HVG Facades’ national network of warehouses. Their team of expert industry professionals is on hand to assist with your technical and product-related enquiries.