Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd presents the popular range of high volume low speed (HVLS) fans designed to increase comfort in all climatic conditions.

Popular in the United States and now well regarded in Australia, SkyBlade high volume low speed fans reduce energy costs on heating as well as cooling making them suitable for use throughout the year.

The specially designed fans featuring aeronautical STOL technology improve overall comfort by creating a gentle breeze over a wide area, which combined with the natural cooling mechanism in the body help bring down the temperature by up to 10°C.

How to cut costs with SkyBlade HVLS fans

Operating on its own

By replacing the stale air and increasing evaporation from the skin, HVLS fans help lower perceived temperatures by 7-10 degrees, resulting in increased productivity at the workplace with no need to cut operating hours during heat waves.

Operating with heating systems

Use ofheating systems can be reduced thanks to destratification, which also results in less noise from operating heating units and up to 20% savings on heating costs.

Operating with HVAC

Usingan HVLS fan in combination with an air conditioner enables the user to set the thermostat of the air-conditioning unit 5-7°C warmer without any noticeable difference or physical discomfort. The reduced operating hours of the HVAC system allow savings of up to 30% on cooling costs.

Using HVLS instead of standard fans

Key improvements include reduced noise, energy consumption and waste. A 20’ HVLS can replace six units of standard 3’ fans operating at high speeds, providing up to 90% reduction in electricity consumption.

Using HVLS for removing condensate

Moving dry air eliminates condensation problems on the floor, and protects surfaces from rust, products from discoloration and equipment from damage and corrosion, creating a safer environment for people and animals.

Using HVLS to protect buildings

An HVLS fan prevents growth of mould, mildew and bacteria associated with high humidity and damp conditions, eliminating health and safety concerns and unnecessary renovations.