The SBM infrared burners from Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd deliver energy efficiency to a wide range of cooking and drying equipment including rotisseries, broilers, kebabs, gyros, BBQ grills and ovens.

The high infrared emission efficiency of SBM infrared burners provides energy savings in applications demanding high intensity heat. The rapidly increasing heating temperature further contributes to immediate effectiveness.

The high efficiency infrared burners contribute to the cooking process by operating silently, consuming almost no electricity and guaranteeing clean gas combustion and instant heat.

Key features of SBM infrared burners:

  • Product quality benefits from infrared heating as the burner provides more even heat distribution
  • Allows for quicker cooking time
  • Helps preserve juices and flavour inside cooked meat till it is consumed
  • Meets demand for healthier food as infrared allows cooking without fat
  • Helps perform multiple tasks from baking of bread and blackening vegetables, to relaxing shellfish and making popcorn
  • Can also be used to make food more attractive, e.g., browning waffles and toasts, crumpet toasting, setting coatings on chicken and fish strips, or branding of meat and cheese