Hotbeam has introduced a new technology from German lighting company Ambright that offers designers unlimited creative freedom to visualise, design and integrate light in new ways. The revolutionary new technology, SparkShapes has the ability to ‘print’ diodes on different materials creating new possibilities in lighting design.

Designers can now bring their design vision to life with the ability to specify functional lighting fixtures, complete with shape and light placement. The designer can use light points downwards for functional light, light points upwards for ambient light and edge lighting for effect. Lighting designs up to 2400mm x 1200mm can be achieved with SparkShapes, which has a super low profile at only 7mm.

Key features and advantages of SparkShapes lighting technology include ability to bring sufficient light exactly where you need it with optimum glare control; inconspicuous mounting of power supply helping retain the almost weightless design of the luminaire; excellent light quality guaranteed; and design freedom to control the position and intensity of individual light sources, which can be placed on the top or bottom surface for direct and indirect lighting.

Colour temperature and CRI can also be specified. Edge lighting allows the form of the luminaire to be highlighted. Furthermore, the light points and edge lighting can be individually controlled allowing for truly intelligent and interactive lighting environments.

SparkShapes lighting technology is recommended for custom light luminaire manufacturing, lighting for foyers and receptions, floating ceilings, over-bench lighting and interactive corridor lighting among others as well as any application where a very low profile is required.