Honestone  was selected as the flooring supplier during the refurbishment of the head office of Tiffany & Co.

Pierre Succar, Project Manager at Construction Manager ICMG attributed the selection to Honestone’s reputation for quality.

Honestone Managing Director Rick Hendriks and his team developed a flooring solution that featured their famed panDOMO TerrazzoMicro product.

According to Mr Hendriks, the rapid cure TerrazzoMicro floors have no grout lines, and at 10mm thickness, the flooring product is comparable in fit, finish and quality to in-situ terrazzo or Caesar stone. The quick and easy installation also makes it an ideal choice for the 17th floor Tiffany & Co project. 

Pierre Succar chose Honestone because ICMG did not want to compromise on the quality factor. The panDOMO TerrazzoMicro floor was selected because it was the closest to traditional terrazzo flooring.