Nestled adjacent to Sydney's iconic Bronte Beach, Waverley House is currently undergoing a conscious rebuild, guided by the visionary owners and redesign experts, Tony and Sarah Nelson from ELEVENBUILD.

This transformative project embodies a steadfast commitment to design principles rooted in material purity, sustainability, and a forward-thinking vision poised to host future experiences. Constructed with a concrete foundation, stainless steel, hardwood timber, glass, and natural fibres, Waverley House serves as a testament to conscious construction and environmental responsibility.

With a determined focus on reducing the carbon footprint, we have partnered with Tony and Sarah, and Akira Barzaghi from Mindful Building on the project. The project champions our ECOPact low carbon concrete product, seamlessly blending heritage architecture design elements with cutting-edge sustainability in residential construction.

Currently in progress, the Waverley House project is slated for completion by mid-2024.

If you're passionate about minimising the environmental impact of your upcoming build or project, explore our ECOPact product brochure for detailed information or visit our website.