CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems presents the Fricker Easy Access System for commercial office developments. It is a two way ceiling system that is formed with a study top hat grid and mineral fibre tiles.

The Fricker Easy Access System offers easy access to services above the ceiling while minimising damage to the tiles. This helps reduce materials churn, maintenance costs and extends the file of the building’s infrastructure.

The two way ceiling systems usually consist of three or five ceiling tiles per module to help reduce the amount of exposed grid and create a sense of space within the office interior.

The grid is formed with sturdy aluminium top hat screw fix profiles that are finished with a durable powder coat. The top hat screw fix profiles allow easy fixing of partitions in any direction, which helps reduce damage to the grid.

Features of the Fricker Easy Access System:

  • Easy access to services
  • Premium ceiling finish
  • Modular ceiling design for easy disassembly of discrete sections
  • Allows rearrange or repair of individual components
  • Ceiling components are mechanically fixed. No power tools required
  • System can be reused for make goods and refurbishments
The Fricker Easy Access Systems, from CSR Fricker Ceiling Systems, are available in any module size of up to 1500m x 1500m to suit specific project requirements.