The design of healthcare spaces is a complex field that is ever evolving. Now, more than ever, there is an adherence to evidenced-based design principles, with the goal of achieving optimal patient outcomes through thoughtful design and material specification. The key parameters to achieve this in a healthcare setting include thermal comfort, acoustics, air quality, daylighting, cleanliness and sustainability—all of which can be improved with high-performing ceiling systems.

Ceilings for Healing: Design and Specification Guide for Healthcare Settings examines how ceilings, with the right specifications, can enhance the acoustic quality of a space, support infection control and cleaning measures, enhance natural light and add elements of sustainability to a healthcare building. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have a variety of spaces, and each one requires a particular type of ceiling. We look at the product properties that will address the most important healthcare requirements.

CSR Himmel offers a complete range of ceiling systems to the Australian healthcare market. Their vision is to lead the market in the creation of productive and intelligent spaces by delivering superior acoustic and aesthetic interior solutions.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the product properties to look for in ceiling systems to meet the complex requirements of healthcare spaces.


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