Hideaway Bins announces a new range of laundry hampers in Australia.

The 60L capacity Hideaway laundry hampers are multipurpose in application and can be used to put away dirty laundry, store extra linen or as a removable washing basket.

A modern, innovative storage solution for a variety of laundry requirements in the home, Hideaway laundry hampers can be used as a laundry separation system by installing multiple hampers side by side. A single hamper can also be used in space constrained laundry rooms to keep washing off the floor and out of sight.

The frame is constructed from robust 1.2mm zinc treated steel frame work and is powder coated for durability. The hamper can withstand the weight of 52kg of wet washing. The hamper features a durable 60L polypropylene laundry basket with moulded handles for easy removal and air vents to reduce moisture. The contoured sides ensure clothes are well cared for while a drip-free base protects the internal structure from potential water damage.

Hideaway laundry hampers also feature high quality German soft-close tracks to create a controlled close and also over extend to allow easy removal of the hamper from beneath the bench top. Units are top mounted, with additional side mount supports and pitch adjustment.