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    Hideaway Bins

    Manage, sort and store your waste, recycling and laundry with a Hideaway waste/recycling bin solution or laundry hamper.

    A leading-edge, practical hidden bin system that fits effortlessly into your environment to assist with everything from hygienically disposing of waste and sorting your recycling to separating and storing your laundry.

    Three intelligently designed, New Zealand made ranges are available: Concelo®, Soft Close, and Compact, offering a simple and stylish space-saving solution.

    With each of the three ranges offering distinctive features, there is sure to be a Hideaway Bin to suit the requirements of any residential or commercial project.



    Most Hideaway Bins have the option of being mounted directly under the benchtop. This means the bins are at the optimal height for clearing waste directly off a benchtop. This reduces the amount of bending required when cooking and disposing of waste, since your waste bin is one of the things you use most in the kitchen. Top mounting also gives more design flexibility. Because the bin does not need to mount to the sides of a cabinet, the cabinet width does not need to be an exact match to the bin width, meaning cabinetry can be custom designed to suit your home.

    All Hideaway runners are rated to 100,000 cycles (openings) at a dynamic weight rating, or full extension. The Concelo runners are rated to 45kg. The Hideaway Soft Close runners are rated at 52kgs. The Hideaway Compact runners are rated to 38kg (45kg on the KC240 & KC235). The weight capacity of the runners is designed to handle the weight of standard household rubbish or recycling, plus the weight of the door/drawer front that may be mounted on the front. If the bin is going to be used in high use applications (commercial office kitchen), Hideaway recommends using the Concelo range or the Soft Close range of bins, which have higher weight ratings.

    This is called the Liner Holder and it helps hold the bags in place in the bucket. Learn more about liner holders:

    Handle Pull means that the unit is opened by the handle. The cupboard door is opened first and then the unit is pulled out by using the handle. Door Pull means that the unit is attached to the cupboard door, so that when the door or drawer front is opened the bin is pulled out at the same time.

    These are the internal wall to wall and minimum measurements required to fit that unit into a cupboard.

    Yes, it is possible to interchange the 15L and 20L buckets as the dimensions across the top of both buckets are the same. Please ensure that there is sufficient height in the cupboard to take the 20L bucket. The other bucket sizes are not interchangeable.

    To ensure that Hideaway buckets are as durable as possible they are made from 100% virgin Polypropylene. This means the plastic has no fillers or other recycled content, which can weaken the strength of the plastic. The buckets are food grade, which means they can be used to store dry food goods safely.

    The bin frames are made from durable zinc treated steel which is the given a durable powder coated finish.

    Across all 3 ranges we have: 13L, 15L, 16L, 20L, 35L, 40L and 50L buckets, as well as the 35L and 60L laundry hampers. Visit our website to view which bucket sizes are in each range.

    Watch the following video for an explanation of how Clinikill works:

    The Concelo range has a patented "Active Lid" design that can be removed for cleaning. To remove, please watch the video by clicking on this link:

    Simply use warm soapy water to clean the bin. Avoid harsh abrasive cleaners, as these will damage the powder coated surface. When cleaning, avoid getting the runners wet. If this happens, dry the runners well and then re-grease them. Over time the runners may require lubrication for continued free movement. Use a small amount of petroleum jelly such as Vaseline. Avoid overfilling the buckets, as the contents could unnecessarily wear the lid. Also refrain from pushing down on the rubbish inside the buckets, as this creates extra pressure on the fixings inside the cupboard. For all 3 Hideaway ranges, view the model specific maintenance info here:


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