Hideaway Bins introduces the latest addition to the Hideaway Compact range designed to provide a large hidden waste bin for small spaces. 

The family-sized single 40-litre Compact waste bin can fit behind a 300mm door front, offering an ideal hidden waste solution for kitchens with limited cupboard space. 

This intelligently designed storage solution offers a large space-saving solution for small kitchens and family homes. 

Key features of the Hideaway Compact waste bins include a top mounting panel that acts as a cover for the buckets, high-quality steel framework powder-coated for durability, side mounting included for extra rigidity, and a patented air vent system that maximises the bag volume by allowing air to escape as the bucket is filled. 

Buckets are made from food grade polypropylene plastic and include a liner holder to keep the bag in place without covering the vents.