The complete range of Hideaway Bins is proudly made in New Zealand by Kitchen King Limited.

Located in Silverdale, Auckland, the company is owned and operated by the Bertelsen family, a NZ home-grown family.

Hideaway Bins is certified NZ Made since August 2007 across all their product lines regardless of product type or bucket size; whether it’s a waste bin for the kitchen or bathroom, or a laundry hamper for the laundry or wardrobe, all Hideaway Bins proudly carry the NZ Made status.

Kitchen King uses only New Zealand businesses to sub-contract and manufacture various parts. Therefore, when you purchase a Hideaway Bin, you can be certain that you are supporting local NZ businesses. Your purchase supports New Zealanders to remain in work across many different industries including metal manufacturing, plastic injection moulding, powdercoating or cardboard carton manufacturing among many more.

When many manufacturers in the kitchen industry took their manufacturing offshore a few years ago for all or parts of their products, Kitchen King continued to manufacture in New Zealand. In addition to supporting NZ’s economic health, keeping it local also allows the company to manufacture products on shorter lead times, while also reducing the impact of logistical issues. This can be critical for large projects where continuity of supply is important. The logistical problem caused in recent times by the pandemic is a case in point.

To become certified NZ Made, a manufacturing business must be located in New Zealand, the key materials/ components that form the essential character of the finished products must be made in NZ, and if imported parts are used, they must be minor in nature.

Kitchen King designs all their products, and manufactures the parts for their Hideaway Bins in NZ except for minor components such as runners, which are sourced from runner experts. For instance, the Matrix runners used on their Red Dot Award winning Concelo waste bin are German-made.

Hideaway Bins are distributed nationwide by Hideaway’s distribution partners, Häfele, Nover and Galvins.