It is so exciting to learn that you can now really tailor your sleeping conditions. As opposed to sofa beds, we now have available the Sico branded Hideaway Adjustable Wall Bed that can be adjusted to specific comfort levels.

Adjustable Hideaway Wall Beds are great for your guests to sit up and watch television or read a book. The adjustment levels on the Hideaway Adjustable Wall Beds come in different varieties; for example, the top of the bed adjusts for your back and the end of the bed for your legs. The Power Pack mechanism is also adjustable.

These beds are being designed for the aging population giving them space and comfort. Your home office can now be transformed into the guest bedroom when your family or friends decide to come and visit you for a lengthy stay. And surprise them with a Hideaway Adjustable Wall Bed.

When it comes to the sleeping arrangements for our grandparents or parents, we would like to give them a good night’s sleep. Remember that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so if you would like your guests to experience a great night’s sleep without the aches and pains in the morning try the New Hideaway Adjustable Wall Bed. Your guests will talk about you for years.