The TopLine L from Hettich Australia is a sliding door system that combines future proof technology and versatility to provide smooth running action.

The TopLine L soft opening and closing system for sliding doors meets all of the practical demands on a modern sliding door system, making it ideal for the high end furniture segment. Designed to give the user a perceptible feel of added luxury and convenience, TopLine L brings sliding doors to a silent and gentle close against the wardrobe carcase. Sliding doors fitted with the system are easy to open and close thanks to the low opening forces and a closing effort that can be set for any door weight at a three-stage self-closing adjustment capability.

Additionally, the soft guiding ensures a quiet and robust closing of the door without pendulum movements. An optional clip system with a new runner profile makes it possible to install the Silent System opening and closing elements for all doors on the top panel while leaving them fully concealed.

The centre door Silent System provides gentle closing in both directions on three-door cabinets. Installed out of view on the top panel, the modular system can be provided with soft opening at a later stage.

Some of the key advantages of the TopLine L sliding door opening and closing system include outstanding running quality even for doors weighing up to 50kg; non-corroding, tough material ensuring years of unrelenting performance; suitable for door thicknesses ranging from 16mm to 40mm; same runner and guide components suitable for solid and aluminium framed fronts, providing huge flexibility in the choice of door materials; fully overlapping doors providing added options for using internal drawers and designing furniture without handles; and height adjustability possible with doors hung without having to undo the fixing screws on the runner components.

The TopLine L line-up is complemented by optional synchronisation for both centre doors in four-door cabinets. Simultaneous opening of the centre doors provides fast access to a large middle compartment.

Image: Synchronised opening for centre doors – providing fast access to the large middle compartment. Photo: Hettich