Hettich Australia presents the ArciTech drawer system designed to enable better organisation of cutlery, plates, food items and other kitchen objects.

Well-designed homes have well planned kitchens that ensure smooth and efficient workflows. Kitchen unit interiors are expected to be aesthetic as well as practical to meet the changing needs of the user. Cutlery drawers and pot-and-pan drawers define the front of today's kitchens, making badly organised and poorly accessible cabinets with shelves and hinged doors a thing of the past.

The ArciTech drawer system from Hettich features cleverly designed interior organisation elements to free up space and help keep everything neat and tidy in the kitchen drawer. ArciTech interior organisation elements include easy-to-clean, versatile cutlery trays in plastic and the high quality wood and steel or stainless steel drawer fronts, making an attractive point of difference in kitchens.

OrgaTray cutlery trays in steel and stainless steel are supplied preassembled, enabling them to be picked for consignments just as easily as the plastic cutlery trays. They can also be combined with customised, cut-to-size wooden elements in oak for use in drawers of non-standard widths.

The OrgaStore solutions organise and perfectly utilise storage space in pot-and-pan drawers. The dividing elements allow the user flexibility to position them to securely hold stacked plates and food items. The choice of finishes also enables the user to create a personal furnishing style.

The ArciTech drawer system also makes it particularly easy for modular kitchen manufacturers to produce pot-and-pan drawers with Top-Sides in steel or DesignSides in glass instead of a railing. The clever design enables all drawer components to remain unchanged, while the railing's existing drill holes are used. Drawers can therefore be customised to the consumer’s personal preferences while providing an easy way to differentiate between ranges.