Hettich Australia announces a new web special that showcases the sheer versatility of sliding door systems in living spaces.

It’s a known fact that cities are getting crowded – it’s estimated that by 2030, 70 per cent of all people are likely to be living in towns and cities. Being a precious commodity, space needs to be used efficiently and sensibly.

Hettich’s ‘Slide it. Love it.’ web special explains how sliding doors can be installed to optimise the use of space. Interior design professionals can be trusted to create the perfect living or work space, while sliding door systems can be relied upon to make sensible use of every inch of space.

Sliding door systems are the perfect creative element in modern, spacious interior design because large surface doors impressively pick up on purist room aesthetics. Sliding doors also lend an attractive simplicity and sense of space to small rooms while optimising space efficiency.

The new ‘Slide it. Love it.’ web special by Hettich showcases the versatility of sliding door systems in open plan living spaces, especially in their ability to partition off areas to suit the situation. For instance, the kitchenette can be made to disappear from the living room while watching television in the evening or the home office can be hidden from view in the bedroom during weekends. Sliding doors can even be used in bathrooms to close off sections.

Hettich also offers a wide range of e-tools for structuring planning and production processes with speed and certainty.

Image: The cosy bedroom should also be used for reading, watching television, listening to music – the equipment needed simply disappears behind sliding doors. Photo: Hettich