Hettich presents an innovative range of pull-out pantry systems as part of their kitchen storage solutions.  

The stylish pantry systems are highly functional in design, adding a whole new dimension of efficiency to modern kitchens by allowing all food or kitchen items to be clearly visible and totally accessible.  

Hettich’s new pantry systems range comes with an increased load capacity of 120kg. The pull-out pantry systems are available in a variety of widths and a height adjustable centre upright allowing the system to be adapted to any purpose, with shelves available at ceiling, shoulder or hip height to suit specific requirements.

Hettich’s pull-out pantry systems are completely customisable, and can be tailored to suit the most personalised kitchen designs and challenging consumer needs. The ergonomically designed pantry shelving systems are extremely functional and user-friendly, and can be customised to suit any look and lifestyle.  

For instance, the same product can be adapted to accommodate a spice shelf next to the cook surface, or be made large enough to readily store and access kitchen items or used as the sole pantry solution for everyday meal ingredients.  

Dave Angus, National Marketing Manager, Hettich Australia & NZ comments that Hettich products are designed for ease of use while reducing unnecessary searching, bending or reaching.  

Hettich’s customised kitchen storage systems enhance the functional value of any kitchen without compromising on stylish design, helping to make kitchen living spaces work beautifully inside and out.  

Key features of Hettich’s pull-out pantry systems: 

  • Easy pull-out doors make contents brilliantly accessible from both sides, with a clear view of all storage contents from either side 
  • Full extension slides on all shelves remove any need to forage into the back of the shelf for lost items 
  • Completely customisable system to suit personal preferences or kitchen design 
  • Increased load capacity makes it easy to stock-up shelves without any fear of overloading 
  • Integrated with Hettich’s signature soft close fittings to allow shelves to glide whisper quietly and effortlessly 
  • Comes in multiple widths, allowing kitchen designers to readily maximise any existing space while increasing functionality and aesthetics 
  • Cabinetry width options include 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm 
  • Integrates easily with several of Hettich’s innovative products such as Magic LED cabinet lights or non-slip surfaces for easy liquid storage 
Hettich is one of the world’s largest producers of cabinet hardware and fittings with a 100-year-old German heritage.