Hettich Australia presents an enhanced range of Sensys hinges with new functions added to increase their versatility in different applications. Combining a front-to-back design with a luxurious feel, the Sensys generation of hinges from Hettich now meets a broader range of needs in a cost-effective way.

Sensys with integrated Silent System

The automatic Silent System furniture door closure with an unusually wide angle of 35 degrees is a major feature in the Sensys range, allowing furniture doors to reliably close in response to a turn of the hand. Even, gentle closing action is guaranteed in the temperature range of +5°C to +40°C.

Sensys wide angle hinges

Sensys’ 165-degree wide angle hinges give furniture doors a wide opening angle and close them evenly and gently. The zero-protrusion hinges allow internal drawers to be fitted without spacer profiles, preventing trapped fingers regardless of the position of the door. The Sensys wide angle hinge has received the 2014 iF Product Design Award and the Red Dot Award ‘Product Design 2014’.

Sensys thin door hinges

The extremely shallow cup in the Sensys thin door hinge gives furniture makers maximum design flexibility. It permits the use of thin core board panels in thicknesses from just 8mm with a design defining surface application layer, such as glass or concrete. Thin solid front panels made of solid surface materials can also be optionally used. The look and feel of exclusive materials can now be combined with the purist style of slender lines and narrow reveals.

Sensys thick door hinges

Hinges face a challenge from the movement cycles typical of profile doors and doors made of very thick material. Thick furniture doors fitted with Sensys thick door hinges close smoothly, gently and silently, accommodating the trend towards narrowing the gap between chunky doors. The Sensys thick door hinge also received the 2014 iF Product Design Award.

Sensys without Silent System

Sensys hinges deliver excellent soft closing performance on large heavy doors as well as on small doors. The Sensys hinge without Silent System is also available to make a point of difference in furniture ranges wanting to use hinges of the same look.

Sensys without self closing feature

The Sensys hinge is available without the self-closing feature for the Push to open function on handleless fronts.

Winning design

Sensys’ elegant design never fails to impress with the hinge and mounting plate presenting a harmonious appearance. A stylish cover cap hides the fixing screws on the hinge cup while the release button for removing the hinge is invisible from the front.

Image: The new Sensys zero-protrusion wide-angle hinge makes it possible to fit internal drawers without spacer profiles, preventing trapped fingers no matter what position the door is in. Photo: Hettich