Hettich was recently awarded the 2016 Best Supplier certificate by Dirk Assmann, Managing Partner of Assmann Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG at the Hettich Forum.

Hettich supplies Assmann the Systema Top 2000 organisation system and Big [email protected] Wood among several other products. Assmann is one of the first manufacturers to include this new system of fittings in their standard product line-up.

Dirk Assmann says Hettich helps keep processes running smoothly in their company, leading to satisfied customers.

The Best Supplier Award is given on the basis of a rating carried out by Assmann of their suppliers, which is used as the basis for making sure that their customers – mainly office equipment retailers - get top quality products. Rating criteria cover quality, reliability/service, price and the environment.

Assmann is a third generation family owned business equipped with cutting edge production facilities to manufacture practical and designer style furniture that meets high quality objectives. Their trusting and longstanding business relationship with Hettich has played a big part in Assmann's success.

Dr Andreas Hettich said they are proud of their strong partnership with Assmann.