High market coverage from a differentiated furniture range, in harmony with lean production – not a problem with drawer and runner systems from Hettich. The new AvanTech premium drawer system and wooden drawers can be fitted on identical Actro 5D runners. The flexibility of using them in combination with ArciTech drawer systems while leaving the carcase drilling pattern unchanged increases the design options exponentially.

Furniture buyers are particular about ensuring that the particular piece they buy not only complements their home environment but also fits in with their personal style. For furniture manufacturers, this means realigning their carcases to satisfy different tastes and segments. Alternatively, they can take advantage of the options provided by the new, extended Hettich platform, with drawers tailored exactly to suit target consumers and furniture design while benefiting from lean production.

Upgrading made easy

The standardised carcase drilling pattern means that in addition to the ArciTech drawer system, it is also possible to use the AvanTech premium drawer system and wooden drawers, both on identical Actro 5D runners. Within the ArciTech and AvanTech platform concepts, numerous options are also provided for differentiating between furniture ranges. For instance, ArciTech offers seven height options, five attractive surface finishes as well as DesignSide, TopSide and railings for configuring the drawers. AvanTech in high quality aluminium is available in five height options.

All systems impress with unique smooth running action and exceptional stability in the 40kg, 60kg and 80kg load categories, ensuring maximum flexibility in designing furniture. Purist design both inside and out is made possible with opening systems such as a mechanical Push to open which, softly opening in the form of Push to open Silent, combines design with convenience, or the electromechanical Easys System.

Image: Made for the future: the front panel drillings for the railing are also suitable for DesignSide, TopSide and customised elements. As such, the ArciTech drawer system in itself provides a further design platform. Photo: Hettich