A leading supplier of innovative fittings for the kitchen and building industry in Australia, German company Hettich presents their award-winning Sensys range of fully integrated and automatic soft closing door hinges.  

Hettich’s range of fittings for living spaces meets the needs of architects, cabinet makers and kitchen designers.   

Hettich’s Sensys line of automatic door hinges features an integrated soft close system that conceals the hinges and internal cabinetry. Available for all main door mounting options, Sensys door hinges can close a door from an angle of only 35 degrees ensuring the doors are never left ajar.  

Sensys automatic door hinges are interchangeable with the current range of Intermat hinges.  

Featuring advanced European design and manufactured from high quality materials, Hettich’s automatic door hinges are available with a lifetime warranty and a full replacement guarantee.