The RDO V12 roller door opener series from Herculift Access Technology has now been on the market for two years, and has been sold and fitted in over twenty thousand garages across Australia.  

Herculift RDO V12 roller door openers use a twin drive gear, enabling them to significantly increase the driving torque of the door opener. RDO V12 roller door openers also incorporate leading industrial innovative techniques such as a power stabiliser, which is compact in size and is a more effective power absorber than a traditional transformer.  

With Soft Start and Soft Stop (4S) as a standard feature combined with its unique slow motion, a smooth drive operation, RDO V12 roller door openers are ideal for use with older, heavier roller doors, and may possibly reduce the frequent need for door servicing.  

As one of the slimmest roller door openers available, RDO V12 roller door openers require minimum side room space.  

All Herculift garage door openers are supported by Herculift Australia with an extensive dealer network nationwide.