BCA Illustrated is a visual information bonanza for everyone bound by regulations in the building and property industries.

The May 2008 launch of BCA Illustrated by Hendry Group , in strategic partnership with the Australian Building Codes Board has been announced.

By using the visual language of the building industry BCA Illustrated exposes BCA clauses through over 3000 explanatory illustrations. BCA Illustrated offers various clause interpretations and embedded links to multiple illustrations.

BCA Illustrated is produced by experienced national building surveyors, Hendry Group. “With 3000 illustrations available through the BCA Illustrated online service, users of the BCA now have a sophisticated, intuitive service that bridges the gap in Australia’s Building Standards.” says the Group’s chairman, Derek Hendry.

New illustrations are to be added weekly. All illustrations are provided with an explanation to put the clause and illustration in a context to best understand and discuss the clause. An explanation of the clauses meaning is then provided and then followed with an illustration.

“A significant number of clauses depicted in BCAI have multiple issues/explanations/illustrations’, this is to allow for the various application of a clause in differing building circumstances and of course due to different interpretations of clause.”

BCA Illustrated has a fast search function, allows for printing of individual clauses; pages and illustrations and also offers illustrations which depict compliant and non-compliant situations.

“We see BCAI raising the bar, allowing users to take a giant step forward in their appreciation and understanding of the BCA from the illustrations prepared by building surveyors around Australia who interpret regulations for the issuing of building approval.”