Hempel Sound  has announced the exclusive display of the Dynaudio Sapphire 30th Anniversary Edition loudspeakers.

Only 1,000 pairs will be made worldwide, 700 have already been sold and only 10 pairs are available in Australia.

In the Dynaudio Sapphire, twelve distinct surface planes and twenty-four adjoining lines trace the ideal design of the loudspeaker.

A cabinet with ideally formed wood surfaces, cut like a jewel into a shape revealing distinct gem-like profiles when viewed from different angles.

The Danish master craftsmen made a totally ideal loudspeaker celebrating 30 years of Dynaudio: The Sapphire.

Featuring one among the most elaborate and distinctive loudspeaker cabinet designs ever, hand-built in the Dynaudio tradition of quality, the Sapphire is finished in a satin-gloss lacquer that brings out fine detail in the cabinet’s alluring wood grain.

Reproducing music powerfully, dynamically and accurately, and including one among the ideal tweeters available, the Sapphire epitomises refined style in both its appearance and performance.

The Sapphire’s complete cabinet structure is so rigid that the Dynaudio engineers could easily integrate powerful woofers: Two 20 cm/8 inch bass drivers fitted with specially formed MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) diaphragms, exclusive 75mm/3 inch pure aluminium voice coils on light Kapton formers and powerful Neodymium double magnet systems.

In order to ensure an absolutely precise and dynamic bass response, the dual woofers reproduce low bass frequencies.

The mid-band frequencies are handled by a dedicated Dynaudio midrange driver, which also incorporates Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP cone material and its dispersion-optimised geometry, thus reproducing every note ideally clear and pure, and completely naturally.

To avoid any potential effects from the internal bass drivers’ back-waves, the midrange driver is firmly mounted to the baffle in an acoustically isolated, specifically shaped low-resonance cabinet chamber.

Delicate high frequency sound waves require a stable and unyielding anti-resonant foundation to be reproduced tonally undistorted and in correct timing and phase.

Therefore, the low-resonance, extremely solid Sapphire cabinet, with its internal chamber for the midrange driver and tweeter, provides the ideal setting to integrate an advanced tweeter platform as the Esotar2.

All of the Sapphire’s exclusive, high performance drivers are connected and equalised through another Dynaudio speciality: A 1st order crossover comprised of carefully selected, tonally-balanced high-grade components.

Other features include the following:

  • Sensitivity (2.83 V/1m) 88dB
  • IEC Long Term Power Handling 300W
  • Impedance (nominal) 4 Ohm
  • Weight 40kg
  • Dimensions (W x H x L in mm) 330 x 1350 x 325