Haymes Paint introduces an environmentally responsible solution for painters to prevent contamination of the site when cleaning up after a painting project.

Designed for trade painters, Haymes EcoCare is a multifunctional wash treatment system that allows painters to clean their painting equipment after use with water-based paints. This wash-up system treats the contaminated water with a specially formulated powder that separates the water from the solids and allows the clean water to be drained from the unit using the supplied filter bag. The remaining solids can then be removed and disposed of through general waste collection.

Haymes EcoCare facilitates paint waste decontamination in less than an hour.

Haymes Product Manager Michael Parry explains that there is increased pressure from Government bodies on industry to ensure responsible and environmentally sustainable site management plans are in place. EcoCare complies with EPA guidelines, and is compact and flexible, helping meet the needs of painters on the move with a mobile decontamination solution.

The Haymes EcoCare system comprises of wash treatment powder, a cleaning shelf and filter bags for solid catchments. The 60L wash treatment system can accommodate the cleaning of multiple brushes and rollers in just over 30 minutes and requires very little attention to suit even the busiest of tradesmen.

Designed exclusively by a team of paint specialists in Melbourne, EcoCare caters to the needs of Australian residential, commercial and DIY painters.