The HB690 Privacy sliding door lock, available from Halliday & Baillie , has been designed for use on cavity sliders where privacy is required.

The HB690 Privacy Sliding system could be used on bathrooms, ensuites, or bedrooms.

The impetus for developing the HB690 Privacy Sliding system was the need for a discreet, functional cost effective mortice lock for sliders that disappear into the cavity wall.

The HB690 features clean, simple lines coupled with an equally simple lock mechanism. Halliday & Baillie have carefully designed this lock with fewer moving parts to help ensure the smooth reliable functioning of this product.

Another important feature is the built-in recessed end pull, which eliminates the need to fit a second piece of hardware to the door in order to slide it out of the cavity.

With the HB690, Halliday & Baillie have also achieved their aim of creating a mortice lock with a flush pulls both sides that could still fit within a slim 37-40mm sliding door.

The discreet pin hole on the outside of the slider allows for a quick release of the lock in the event of any emergency.

In terms of the material selection for the HB690 Privacy Sliding system, Halliday & Baillie opted to move away from the traditional brass and stainless steel casing, and instead turned to zinc die-casting. This decision was driven partly by supply reasons and was also the result of the rising costs of raw materials.

Choosing zinc allowed Halliday & Baillie to continue manufacturing on this side of the world. The zinc is electroplated with nickel and copper to achieve a marine-grade 4 finish, which is suitable for the harsh Australasian climate.