Swisspearl is a non-combustible high-density fibre-cement façade material that is unparalleled for quality and colour range.

The ideal solution for re-cladding and rectification works where non-combustible products are required.

Maintenance free, coloured through and durable, Swisspearl ensures long-term performance in our harsh Australian environment.  Great design possibilities with perforations, different shapes and/or engravings.

The panels are installed as a rear-ventilated system providing a natural, energy efficient method, are low maintenance and impact resistant.

Swisspearl provides sustainable advantages with 95% of the product being made up of natural raw materials.  In addition to 90 standard colours spanning across 7 ranges, we also offer custom colouring matching for limitless design possibilities.  A wide range of colours now stocked locally.

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