The owners of a property recently renovated their home. Their extension surrounded an existing well that dates back to the late 1800s.

The well was the design inspiration for this water feature by H2O Designs .

The main steel structure was custom designed, built on-site and folded, so that all the hydraulics and electricals could be concealed inside it.

The water feature was designed with 2 separate spillways, each with 34 brass nozzles to deliver water to both sides of the glass panel.

Jets were set up evenly along the circumference of the well, which operate separately to the water feature. Four LED Aqua ribbons were used to light up the glass and four RGB LED underwater pond lights with remote control were used in the pond/well.

The visually striking part of the feature is the glass panel made from 10mm ‘Azurlite’ textured, slumped and toughened glass.