Furniture on the move: Sometimes when you think of an office space or a meeting room, and consider the furniture you are going to put into it, you often think it is going to stay put and that will be the way the room will look forever. But in today's world of mobile furniture that does not have to be the case.

Many pieces of today's office furniture are mobile. Popular mobile office furniture pieces are mobile whiteboards, mobile pedestals and mobile desks and tables. That opens a door of possibilities for your office to be many different workplaces from one day to the next.

Let's say you do not have a lot of office space, but some days you need a conference room. The next day you may need a room for training sessions, and the next an overflow work area for a special project. Now within minutes each of those rooms can be created with the existing furniture.

Even if you decide the office needs a completely different set up for a more productive environment, that is a job you can do yourself instead of having to wait for a moving company to show up with dollies.

In the case of the training and conference room, the same tables can be used for the two different functions. They can be rolled into rows for the training room environment, and then when they need to switch to the function of a conference room, they can be placed into the ideal working shape in the centre of the room, for the attendees to sit around.

For growing offices this is often a great solution to the problem of always needing to reinvent the office space. For example, if a company is always dealing with changing projects and different people need to work together on some of those projects, mobile office furniture may be the solution.

The workspaces can be rolled together for one project, and when that project is complete they can be pulled apart to give the employees a more defined area in which to work.

Almost any piece of furniture can be purchased with wheels. From office desks, to space dividing walls and even filing cabinets, wheels are on the bottom of many pieces of today's office furniture. If not, they can often be added. Before you rush out to purchase mobile office furniture make sure you need it. This is not a solution for everyone.

Before you go to the expense of asking a furniture retailer to add the wheels to the items make sure making that item mobile will really make things easier in your workspace and if you really need to be able to move it.

Next make sure that the retailer understands the additional weight that may be added to an item so the wheels that are attached can handle the workload. You may also want to ease into the change, purchasing one or two pieces at a time and seeing if you make use of their mobility.

If not, you may be ideally suited with old-fashioned standard furniture. All your office furniture needs can be taken care at H and L Office Furniture.