The Gutter-Mesh gutter protection system, available from Gutter Mesh , improves the lifespan of the roof gutters.


  • No drilling or riveting and maintenance free
  • Tough and durable
  • Resistant to UV Rays and varying temperature ranges

The Gutter-Mesh gutter protection system improves the lifespan of roof gutters by preventing leaves blocking and rusting out gutters.

Gutter-Mesh allows rainwater to pass through, while leaves and other debris is blown or washed off by the weather.

No more stump or foundation water damage. Leaves now fall to the ground instead of mulching in the gutters, clogging and causing overflow problems.

Tiles, Corregated Iron or Trimdeck
Gutter-Mesh aluminium or stainless steel screening is designed to suit almost all types of roof gutter architecture and climatic conditions.

The specially formulated, space age, all-weather adhesive bonding strip adheres to the surface allowing debris to float straight over while water flows directly into the gutter giving you a trouble free gutter system and peace of mind.

DIY or Professionally installed
Gutter-Mesh is easy enough to do-it-yourself with full fitting instructions and a really helpful DVD instructional video. The Gutter-Mesh can also be installed professionally.