Gumleaf Gutter Protection  is an ideal choice for all home gutter guard needs, and they have recently come up with the top 10 reasons why.

Product Performance
Now in its 14th year of production, Gumleaf Gutter Protection has proved itself over and over again. It looks appealing on a roof and performs to a high standard. The louvered designed holes allow water to ripple through and leaves to blow off. Gumleaf Gutter Protection fits 99% of tiles, and both corrugated and trimdek roofs, and special machines create all the shapes to fit without needing clips or trim.

Quality and Durability
Gumleaf Gutter Protection is made with quality, Australian made BlueScope steel, which ensures a long product life.
Full Installation Service
Gumleaf Gutter Protection has a team of preferred installers who are true to their work and have a great business ethic. Gumleaf Gutter Protection has a full installation service throughout NSW, most of QLD, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

Complete Trade and DIY Market
Gumleaf Gutter Protection is available throughout every Bunnings warehouse in Australia and New Zealand. Bunnings have competitive pricing and the full color range available through the special orders desk with the majority of orders leaving the same day they are placed. All manufacturing of special shapes are made on custom machines dedicated to Gumleaf Gutter Protection products.

There are several types of gutter guard on the market offering a great deal of choice. However, Gumleaf Gutter Protection holds exclusive rights to the unique shapes and designs of this product as well as the louvered holes.

New Products
Gumleaf Gutter Protection is constantly coming up with new designs and products. As homes require new building regulations, Gumleaf Gutter Protection is right there to fulfill any requirements. New products such as GumLeaf screwless, which eliminates screws in the gutter, have quickly become a favorite with homeowners, and GumLeaf 3D will be released in 2010 and designed for homes in QLD were cyclone clips have been installed.

CSIRO Approved
An increasing amount of councils are requiring a metal gutter guard with a fire rating of 3 and under, Gumleaf Gutter Protection holds a fire rating of 0. In addition, Gumleaf Gutter Protection's new product line includes 1.8. This new product is used when councils require a gutter guard with a hole size of 1.8.

Growth and Opportunity
Gumleaf Gutter Protection is a small company and growth is something that the company does conservatively, yet they still take on great challenges. New to the Gumleaf business is the purchase of LeafMan Gutter Protection. The business is undergoing a major facelift, and with it comes attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs. Gumleaf Gutter Protection is expanding at a controlled rate, and the company carefully recruits the right minded people to join the team.

Security and Safety
Whether gutter guards are being installed for leaf protection, bird proofing, water harvesting, or bushfire protection, Gumleaf Gutter Protection offers peace of mind. It provides a vastly reduced chance of losing a home during bushfire season, and it can save money by harvesting what would be wasted water. A hidden benefit is keeping off ladders while cleaning gutters, the place where the majority of DIY accidents occur.

Gumleaf Gutter Protection is managed by a small, dedicated team of two, who offer professionalism during every process.