A wide range of architectural column accessories are available from Guardian Building Products which includes bases, rings and decorative capitals that can dress up a column to fit the specific project. Guardian Building Products has 17 different capital designs that are its registered designs. The column accessories offered by Guardian Building Products includes Windsor, Ornate, Lincoln, Olovo, Twin, Pencil round, Narrellan, Oxford and so on.

Guardian Building Products offers vandal resistant boards that is made using special materials and technology which eliminates the risk of breaking any entry. These boards can be used for application in various places including shops, pharmacies, surgeries, prisons, service stations, schools, homes and so on.

Guardian Building Products offers VR boards, which can be used in applications in many places such as public courts, embassies, hospitals, schools, colleges, corrective services, commercial offices, clubs, telephone exchanges, and so on. The fibre cement finish of the VR boards enables it to accept any kind of decorative finish. These boards are also available in varying thickness to suit different applications.