The Qantas Catering facility in Tullamarine, Melbourne has installed Grip Guard Non Slip floor treatment to ensure floor safety for their employees. Grip Guard anti slip floor treatment was undertaken as a preventative measure at the facility even before an injury had occurred. Once the management realised that the slip resistance of the floor was inadequate, they quickly responded and acted proactively before any slip incidents were reported.

However, not all businesses are proactive enough to eliminate the risks of slips and falls before an accident has happened. WorkSafe statistics reveal that slippery floors cause thousands of accidents resulting in injury every year, many of them serious.

Slips occur when a person's foot loses traction with the floor surface. This is most likely to happen on slippery floor surfaces such as those that are highly polished, wet or greasy.

Falls can result from a slip or trip but many also occur from low heights such as steps and stairs. One can also slip on stair nosings; rules specify that all commercial stairs require a minimum of 50mm of anti-slip stair tread nosing with a 30% luminous contrast to the tread.

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