Grip Guard Non Slip presents carborundum safety plates specifically designed to provide a high level of slip resistance on ramped surfaces.

Australian Standards require ramped surfaces to provide a higher slip resistance than level surfaces. In an outdoor environment, the slip resistance requirements are even more stringent for ramps. Achieving a long time slip resistant solution is a major challenge.

Non-slip coatings can be an effective solution in the short term but the materials added to the coating to create slip resistance wear away with constant exposure to foot traffic in a short period of time, increasing the risk of accidental falls.

Featuring an extremely hard wearing construction, Grip Guard carborundum safety plates are highly slip resistant, providing a reliable and long term solution to Australian property owners, builders and facility managers for meeting their safety obligations.

Carborundum safety plates were recently installed in Melbourne onto a timber footbridge. The client was impressed with the aesthetic of the finished installation as well as the cost effectiveness of the non slip safety plates.