Much needed rain throughout many parts of Australia has resulted in an increase of slip and fall injuries.

Grip Guard Non Slip  has been providing essential non-slip treatment to thousands of businesses and residences for nearly a decade.

Grip Guard Non Slip Tread Activator, an invisible, long term solution to slippery pedestrian surfaces, is an essential tool for businesses looking to avoid dangerous slip and fall injuries and the resultant litigation.

Grip Guard Non Slip Tread Activator is a suitable non-slip treatment that is suitable for footpaths, pool surrounds, ramps, parking areas, warehouses, storage facilities, walkways, cool rooms – basically any surface that is concrete, tiled, marble, terrazzo – virtually any mined surface.

Grip Guard Non Slip Tread Activator (PTA) creates a non-slip surface that does not change the appearance of the floor surfaces.

PTA is not an etch which may damage floor surfaces, or a coating which can peel or wear away and cause slip/fall hazards.

Grip Guard Non Slip's non slip treatment can be carried out with little or no disruption to business and provides a long term solution for slippery floor surfaces.