Grip Guard Non Slip  were recently asked to provide floor safety advice to the owners of an office building in Franklin Street, Melbourne. Located in CBD, the building had a high level of pedestrian traffic. Their particular area of concern was the external tiles on an incline between the footpath and doors.

The safety of those who work and visit the building is of paramount importance to the owners, however retaining the existing aesthetics of the newly renovated property was also a high priority. Grip Guard non-slip treatment increased the slip resistance of the areas of concern to provide a safe pedestrian surface without changing its appearance.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is not a coating and does not wear away over time. The treatment works its way into the pores of the tiles to create a permanent modification to the tile, concrete, marble, terrazzo, granite, exposed aggregate or any stone-based surface.

Grip Guard operators are available to carry out floor safety assessments and provide property owners with site specific floor safety advice. Non-slip solutions from Grip Guard Non Slip are instrumental in protecting property owners from the dangers of litigation due to slip and fall injuries.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and has been used extensively in showrooms, factories, restaurants, shopping centres, aged care facilities and residences throughout Australia as well as overseas.