Grip Guard Non Slip offers a number of services to ensure that the client is provided with the most suitable non slip solutions for their particular needs.

A comprehensive safety inspection of the client's floor is undertake where by the degree of slip resistance or what is technically known as the co-efficient of friction is measured. This is done with the use of a special ASM slip meter. Based on this reading the client is then given advice as to what are the best non slip solutions to ensure pedestrian safety of their particular flooring surface.  

Grip Guard Grip Activator is a technologically advanced non slip treatment that can be used on every type of floor surface. Once the floor has been treated, the degree of slip resistance is measured once again to check that it complies with OH&S Guidelines, Building Codes and Australian Standards.

Grip Guard issues a warranty for all work carried out by the company which contains the slip resistance measurements prior to and after the floor has been treated. They are also happy to provide ongoing advice about Grip Guard non slip solutions as well as carry out ongoing floor safety inspections to ensure that the flooring surface retains its non slip properties.