Concrete floors are a popular floor surface in industrial and commercial premises and many businesses are turning to Grip Guard Non Slip to ensure that their concrete floors are non slip to protect their employees as well as sealed to protect their floor surface.

First, Grip Guard Non Slip operators use a unique Tread Activator to create a non-slip floor surface. There is no visible change to the floor surface. However, the co-efficient of friction is raised making it safer to walk on.

This valuable protection helps to eliminate slip and fall injuries and the costly litigation that may result from these accidents.

After the floor surface is slip-resistant, PosiSeal is applied to the non-slip surface. PosiSeal is a permanent, colourless, penetrating concrete sealer which waterproofs and preserves concrete by causing a chemical reaction in masonry that solidifies all the component parts into one solid mass.

PosiSeal Concrete Sealer also purges damaging foreign materials such as oils, acids and other chemical compounds to the surface to be rinsed away.

PosiSeal addresses problems resulting from dusting, algae formation, soft concrete, saponification (causes vinyl tiles, pint, polyurethane and epoxy coatings to peel off) or simple efflorescence (ordinary concrete disintegration).

PosiSeal Concrete Sealer can be applied to concrete, stucco, brick, cement block, terrazzo, walls or floors, inside or outside – wet or dry, new or old. PosiSeal Concrete Sealer is not surface coating that will wear off or peel off. PosiSeal Concrete Sealer works under the surface within the pores of the masonry itself.

PosiSeal Concrete Sealer will stop hairline cracking, crumbling, pitting and dusting and preserves the life of the concrete in high moisture, high corrosion areas by preventing deterioration.